Instrument NOT transposed in a global transposed score

Dear all,

I’m editing a brass-band score right now, I wanted to make everything transposed in conductor score, so I did it using Write Mode → Edit → Transposed score, BUT I want a part specifically in conductor score NOT transposed (Euphonium part, which is transposed it its separate part afterwards). Is it possible to make one specific instrument not transposed in a transposed score?

All best

Probably only via a work-around at present.
Assign a trombone or tuba to the player and then change the name in setup and the instrument sound to the MIDI slot in the HALion Player.

Whether you will be able to transpose just the player’s Layout is the question. You may have to copy the untransposed staff to an additional transposed Player/Staff and then not show that staff in the full score.

Thanks, for now it works, but then we really have to be careful, if we make any changement we musn’t forget to copy/paste the non-transposed staff in conductor score to the transposed part!

Perhaps there is a way to use the Cue function (with notes changed to regular size) to get around this.

(Could anyone comment on how to remove measure rests under a cue, make cue notes regular size in selected situations, or allow stems to adjust to notehead position?)

Have you tried Edit—Remove Rests? I’ve done this with a cue on partial measure of rest, not sure about whole (bar) rests.

Whole bar rests do not disappear, nor does the “no rests in empty measures” work (apparently) when cue notes are present.

Perhaps I should try to enter forced rests.
(LOL: when I tried that the default measure rests returned beneath the cue as soon as I applied Remove Rests. :blush: )