Instrument numbers collide with instrument names

I’m sorry if this has been asked before but I have this problem that is obvious in the screen shot.
Q: how do I get the numbering behind the instrument names (in the condensed staves)
Schermafbeelding 2022-08-12 om 15.48.27

Thanks for helping me out , and sorry for not finding it myself.

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I’ve not seen this happen before, Bart. Can you attach the project in which this occurs? It may be that adjusting the horizontal alignment for the Staff labels paragraph style in Library > Paragraph Styles will help resolve this.

I had something strange happen with staff labels (from an xml import). I found going to the Library Manager and restoring Staff Labels from the factory settings fixed it.

Thank you Daniel,
Here included is the project.

Tx in advance.
What’s on a man’s mind PART I.dorico (3.7 MB)

Go to:

  1. Library Manager
  2. Select compare to Factory settings
  3. Select Paragraph Styles (in LH column)
  4. Scroll down to Staff Labels and click the red icon in the middle, which should then turn to a green arrow.
  5. Apply

This will change the font to the default so you will need to adjust it again in the Paragraph Styles window (not in the Library Manager). BTW I notice that you have several different versions of Default Text and Staff Labels?

Thanks for your suggestion Daniel,
The font has changed, The allignment has changed, the problem has not been solved as you see on the screen shot…
Schermafbeelding 2022-08-13 om 06.40.37

Interesting that it didn’t do this for me. Do you have the current version of Dorico?

I don’t know, have this one:

The current version is Version (Jul 12 2022)

Also, when you imported the Staff Labels in the Library Manager, did you also do Staff Labels (Inner)?

We are moving forward Daniel,
I did the software update, went to your procedure again and that was succesful this time.
When I went back to the left allignment it also aligns the numbers to the left.
So we are getting close but not quite there…

Yes, we have it. Thanks for making my day before it even began Daniel!
Still not super satisfied with the difference between condensed and non-condensed line but good enough to continue from here