Instrument order in custom score layout

Sorry if this is covered elsewhere, couldn’t find anything when searching.

I have created a choral score (attached) in which there is an SSA custom score layout and an SATB custom layout, with a shared piano part.

After creating the other instruments I realised I needed to add an extra instrument stave in the final layout. When I did this, and dragged it to the top of the instruments in the Setup players panel the instrument went to the top of the score in the SATB layout, but remains at the bottom of the score in the SSA layout, no matter what I do.

Does anyone know why it would behave like this?

Raphael songs (761 KB)

Check out the Players section of Layout Options for that Layout - by the sounds of things you’ve set a custom player order that needs fixing there.

Bingo! Thanks very much pianoleo, don’t know how that happened!