Instrument Playing but Nothing Written

Hi, I’m currently running Dorico 5.1 and I am running into a glitch with playback. I am writing a full orchestral score for my composition class this semester and there is a section of it thats entirely choral with no instruments. If I play the piece from the start, there is zero issues, but as soon as I click the bar I want the play head to start at, and press play, for some reason the cellos are playing a long sustained note, and it is exceptionally irritating because there is nothing in the cellos written there. I’ve closed my project, relaunched dorico, but nothing seems to be able to fix this. Any ideas of what this might be? I’m on a MacBook pro with an M1 chip.

Definitely sounds (no pun intended) like an errant key switch in your cellos. If you are using a playback template, re-apply it. If you are using custom expression maps, make sure the correct expression map is being used for the cellos. If it is the correct map, go over it and look for the key switch that is in the cellos playing range (could be more than one).

Can you attach that portion of your project?

It is indeed the correct map, and I’ve looked at the key switches and none of them are within the range of the cello, so I haven’t a clue what to do here. Because its not an issue unless I don’t play it from the start. But it’s definitely something to do with the Iconica Sketch instruments, because as soon as I switch to HSO it’s not an issue anymore. If it helps, its a D1 thats being held down for some reason. As soon as I go into the HSO interface and click the D1 on the piano, it stops.

My next guess is that some other instrument with that key switch is being routed to the cello slot of the VST. If you are using Iconica Sketch and the corresponding playback template, re-applying it should fix it.

Otherwise, as @DanielMuzMurray suggests, a cut-down portion of the project will help.

I’ve tried that but I’ll try it again, it happens in two places throughout the piece: if I play the piece back from before the orchestral section begins, the part where I have a lot of glissandos in the voices and trill throughout the strings just before it plays over the orchestral section. But if I do it just a bar later, none of the issues with the cello or the other strings occur. It’s incredibly weird, I think the project might just be bugged at this point.

EDIT: I’ve change the expression maps and nothing changed. I don’t think its an issue with key switches as i changed to a new flow and its still the same issue. Only basses and cellos are playing and its still an issue, I think it’s just bugged. I can send in a section of the piece, though I wouldn’t know what format to use

EDIT 2: I’ve figured it out. I had an accelerando in my piece, and for some reason, removing it fixed the problem. Not a clue why, but that seemed to be the issue.

If you attach a project you might be able to get an answer to why. At least you’ve solved it, though!