Instrument Presets Media Bay Rating

Do I miss something? I hope so, because when I load Halion 6 Hypnotic Dance (or whatever) and set 1 star to all presets, later I open Halion Sonic and see 3 stars then I open Media Bay, rescan Hypnotic Dance folder, refresh view and again see 3 stars Rating for all the presets. And vise versa - if I change rating in Media Bay it doesn’t affect VSTi’s. Why? Does it mean that we have three independent rating systems for Halion, Halion Sonic an Media Bay and we can’t synchronize data? I hope I’m wrong, please guys tell me how to sort it out.


They’re separate, but you can use the Cubase MediaBay instead of the Halion MediaBay by using the VST plugin panel at the top:

Thank you very much Romantique Tp, now I got the idea… though I don’t like it.