Instrument problem in Cub LE 4

I’m trying to solve (not being an experienced user of Cubase), a problem with getting Native Instruments Battery 3 to record on an instrument channel. I can use Battery 3 as a standalone module and get my midi keyboard to talk to it OK and get the drum sounds perfectly, but, when I call it up in the Instrument channel, with on the input side “all midi inputs” and the output side “battery 3” I can see on the transport panel the midi input activity lighting up when I press a key, but nothing is recorded or output on the channel, (as observed on the mixer). I would have expected (I may be wrong) midi data to be recorded and then played through battery 3. I have record lit up on the channel of course. If anyone could advise…

Hi and welcome,

In general, you are right. MIDI data are recorded to the track, and from the track, they are sent to the Battery 3. Here, the MIDI data change to the audio signal, which is routed to the output.

There are some common issues:

  • The sound is not loaded in Battery (or the instrument in general).
  • You are playing MIDI Notes, which are out of the instrument range.
  • Your Arm Record or Monitor is not enabled on the track.
  • The Output of the Instrument is not routed to the relevant output/bus.