Instrument Rack Default Behavior

Hello and thanks for your time.
Whenever I open or re-open any project I have to manually uncheck the Instrument/Media Bay Racks’ option: Remote-Control Focus For VSTQuick Controls Follows Track Selection. I want this option to remain unchecked so each instruments’ Quick Controls will not be shown. Will someone please tell me how to change the default behavior of the Instrument Instrument/Media Bay Racks?
Also, is the Instrument/Media Bay Rack I’ve referenced called, “Rack Zone”?
Thanks again.


Same problem here.

I have been requesting this for a very long time, and when I posted a similar request last year no one knew of any way to do it, and even Steinberg did not respond. The default option should be unchecked, Every time I open Cubase I have to uncheck the option. Not a deal breaker in the overall scheme of things I guess, but still being able to choose would be useful.