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I like everything about the new Instrument Rack, but I have a niggle. With the pre 7.5 racks we could reach down say to slot no. 56 and open it for the purpose of getting, for me , sketch instruments well out of the way of my eventual workflow. I beleve that the only to get to there now is to load 55 blank instances. Am I correct in this assumption?
And the 2nd niggle—Is it possible to shrink down the size of the Rack itself down to where it would be approx. the size of its predeccessors?

Doesn’t seem like this is possible. :frowning:

I´ve only seen it in videos but it appears to be huge. Should have a minimized mode which more resembles the old rack, with a expand/collapse button

i agree! Should not be that difficult.
maybe this threat should be redirected to the feature request and suggestions.

no one is threatening Steinberg, I think it was just a suggestion :mrgreen:

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Splendid idea. It’s even bigger in real life than it appears on videos :smiley:

Some likem big…
Maybe they wanted to have the biggest rack in the business.

+1 for minimising things. I often use about 20 VSTi and in the old rack they sat nicely, now I end up scrolling constantly… And I’ve got 1900x1200 so it must be a nightmare for people with smaller monitors like laptops!! Please remove some the space and squash things up a bit (a lot).


Well I tooled around with this today and the only re-sizing that I could do was to drag the window size smaller when the sizing arrows appear on the borders - but only where there is unused space.

So if you only have 1 or 2 VSTs in the rack, you can reduce the overall window just to show those 2.

But they’ll still be full width. :unamused:

The ‘problem’ here is that the app spans a wide range of users, as a pro, techie and power user I like to see everything and I don’t really get confused by millions of buttons or lights, I need max info at a glance. The other side of the scale is the casual and light user who gets put off by too much complexity. Its a balancing act, generally well balanced, but the new instrument rack, like the Hub, seems to be a little bit too spaced out for me.


It’s not a question of information overload for me. It’s a question of bloated graphics taking up screen space so I can’t see other things and get the max info at a glance!

Yeah - I prefer the previous smaller rack size for sure. Much less screen space.

It’d be nice to have the option of either one, or at least to resize this one.

I am sure that Steinberg is preparing for the future with touch screens and all, but having no option to display things in a minimalistic fashion for desktop users is really raising a negative flag. I am sure that is the future, but right now, Cubase is used primarily by desktop users, and not providing a bridging to them is a clear turn off.

Even Microsoft, with Windows Runtime (a.k.a. WinRT or formerly “Metro”), realizes that chrome is out and that big fat controls don’t work very well for everybody (they are reworking quite a few). Especially those with high precision pointer devices, we don’t need a two inch wide and half an inch high “button” (more like a barn door) to aim for, those are for fumble fingers and Marty Feldman. :wink:

+1 to optional views, pleasing people with eyes for smaller, and/or more, things in life.

Yeah, I agree with most of this Steinberg, maybe more then others, probably has to do a bunch of dances about trying to please as many as possible while not alienating to many with changes. Maybe in a future update they could consider designing a collapsible or scroll options as an approach to replace what is gone with allowing the new to still be available…
I really do like the title and search features with the new rack, the ability to create track presets of rack configurations, in fact I’m very pleased with where they have been going over the last few years, and I don’t say that enough. Thanks Steinberg!!
And thanks for the input on this here from all of you folks.

Here’s the thread in the Requests and Suggestions section, maybe add your support to this.

Where is the “Requests and Suggestions” page. I’d like to do the above. Clicking on the “thread” just gives me the “I”. Thanks for your idea.

The way Instrument track’s outputs end up at the start of the mixer (not changeable) make me dislike them even more. I’ve never used Instrument Tracks (possibly because I’ve been using Cubase since long before they existed) because “Rack” instruments have so much more control. Personally, I would love to have the rack the way it was before and abolish Instrument Tracks!

Yeah - I’m almost always using the Racks and just about never the Tracks now, as well.

Also, as in earlier versions, it would be nice to be able to minimise individual channels in the mixer.