Instrument Rack too big?

Is it just me or … :open_mouth:

Why does the “new” Instrument Rack / MediaBay or just the floating Instrument Rack thingie take up about
of my 27" screen?

There’s huge amounts of “white space”, not THAT many buttons and there’s nothing I can do to hide all the little buttons and settings that I don’t need to see for all VSTi:s all at once? Is this good UI/UX design? What got better when the Instrument Rack was resized? I’d be happy with a little read only display for each VSTi loaded and show/hide button for changing settings for whatever VSTi I’m editing. I can’t edit more than one simultaneously anyway.

Way,way, way too big. Give us the slimline version please. Or at least the option to have a small version.


…probably worth adding your name to this in the suggestions forum…

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Its use of space is poorly considered for the new docking feature.

And in general, it’s typical of Cubase’s undisciplined, arbitrary, inconsistent and “fugly” fit-and-finish.

It’s the wrong place to be doing that pseudo skeuomorphism thing; save that for the VSTis.

Cubase looks great in a dimly lit room from about 10 feet back (or a small product screenshot on the back of a box), but get up close and it’s a mess.

Sorry, I promised myself I wasn’t gonna mini-rant about this again. :laughing:

I fully agree.

In Addition I want to have the Steinberg engineers a look at the yamaha motif Editor vsti (and stand alone). Imho you can learn how a well designed Interface could look like. For example the Rotary controls can be very, very Little if you handle them the way yamaha does this in their Software. Cubase does a lot of strange things as well with “hovering”-Buttons. Again the motif xs/xf Editor could be a great place to learn how to use “hovering” benefically.

Cheers, ernst

Yeah, the instrument rack is way to big. Also the general new windows handling is awful I think. Huge step back.

Totally a waste of space.

Oh! Only 25%? Did you not know you loose even more by showing the chord pads at the same time?

Steinberg must be so thrilled that they have such a unique selling point! By Cubase and loose 60% of screen real estate :unamused:

They’ll be to busy showing off Nuendo 7 and Nuage at Frankfurt next week to worry about reducing users editing screen space down to the size of a Galaxy phone though…

really love your vid !!! nice FR / solution!!!

  • 1 !!!

I would like to have the choice to open the Pool in this area too… (!)


Exactly! And that’s just a good start if you ask me!

big + 1 !!!

P.S: I use the Pool 24/7 ! (mostly)


Yeah, maybe the pool should fit there, but you need space for the pool to show at least a few important columns?
The Pool and the MediaBay makes more sense to have there at the right than … the Instrument Rack. It’s like Steinberg had this idea and sort of stretched the Instrument rack out to fill the same space needed for the MediaBay to complete the combo? There is no natural connection between the Instrument Rack and the MediaBay, not at all. There IS as a matter of fact a dedicated and floating Instrument Rack. If we could have that set to a reasonable size along with the Pool/MediaBay to the right we’d have a win/win/win/win/win situation :laughing: .

Maybe a smaller Instrument Rack dockable to the right but detached from the Pool/MediaBay combo would be a good [Feature Request] :wink:


Please have an option to shrink the rack further horizontally and vertically.

Thank you!