Instrument Rack: VSTi Font size shrinking

Just firing up Cubase 9 today for the first time and have a question about the font size when a new name is assigned to a VSTi in the Instrument rack. For example, when a sampler like Kontakt is loaded, one can easily read its ID as “Kontakt” in the rack. However when I load a library into Kontakt, and then double click and change the name in the rack from Kontakt to Spitfire for example, the font changes to a very tiny size…hard for these older eyes to see well. Any way of addressing that issue??


It’s because you get 2 lines of the name, in this case. You get your custom name, and the name of the VSTi.

Hi Martin,
Sorry…have to disagree slightly with your reasoning. If you compare the font size in Cubase 8.5 in the rack with Cubase 9, you’ll see that you have two lines in both, but in 8.5 the font is much larger. Therefore, either someone at Steinberg has intentionally changed something or something isn’t ‘right’. Please see my example image.

OK, I see.

I agree with the OP. I would rather the text remained large when I rename it.
I can change “HALion Sonic SE” with “Bass” and the text shrinks when it clearly doesn’t need to.

I agree , this is very hard to read , the text is too small now, we are stuck with two lines that is redundant and clumsy compared to 8.5. If you pay attention you will notice overall The rack doesn’t look as nice, there is a gap on the right side…looks like in order to get a flexible size environment the software coders did a poor job. I would rather have the old rack back. Also the rack that is in project view on the right, well,it’s even worse than the free floating one, it’s harder to read.

Please update , fix. Thank you.