Instrument Range Incorrect?

There have been previous posts about this issue, but still unsure what to do.

Not sure what might be causing this, unless HALion has been mis-programmed (unlikely).

My orchestration books are adamant that the lowest sounding note for a Tenor Saxophone is Ab1 (where middle-C = C3).

Yet, in the un-transposed Tenor Sax part, I see Dorico flagging notes which are well within the tenor saxophone’s range:


Is there a fix for this?

See here, the dark red/maroon colour is indicating this pitch might be challenging, rather than impossible. You can also turn off these colours if you prefer.

Ooh, maroon and red. - Got it, thanks again Lillie. :blush:

I almost always turn off note colors. If it sounds in HALion, it can be played.