Instrument ranges

I’ve brought in a score from Sibelius to see which platform gives me the best, representative mp3 for the score.
I found out half way through that the Tubular bells are only playing as high as 1st space F. ???
Yes, this needs to be playing up to the B above the staff!
I’ve tried the help but not really sure where to go to change this or just not worry and use my Sibelius version.

I think the Tubular Bells instrument might be offset by an octave, if you change the instrument to “Chimes” in Setup (and optionally, rename the staff labels), it might fix this for you.

All you are comparing is HSO v Sibelius sounds. Different VST instruments will have different ranges.

Hey that’s a good idea thanks. I’m not a percussionist so thought they were one in the same. 80

Sorry, not sure what HSO and VST acronyms are.

He’s referring to the HALion Sonic sounds. Using the GM Tubular Bells sound there still plays back fine for me. Is this the sound you are using? Or are you using a different library?

They are the same thing, but for whatever reason, there is a discrepency in how Dorico handles them.

HSO = Halion Symphony Orchestra. It’s the playback library included with Dorico Pro.

VST = Virtual playback plugins. e.g. Halion, Kontkt, Noteperformer.

Ok, great thanks.

Hi Fred. To tell you the truth, I have no idea. I installed it a while ago but don’t recall seeing that interface anywhere.

Thanks Craig. I’ll have to look into this tomorrow then. I do have pro, but don’t recall seeing any Halion interface anywhere.

I’m very green with Dorico which explains my lack of knowledge on this.

Sorry. I didn’t mean to be obtuse.

Both Dorico and Sibelius have their default sounds. But each can be changed if you install different sound libraries.

Every sound library has its own collection of instruments. The playable range of each instrument within one library may differ from that in an other.

Unless you tell it otherwise, Dorico Pro will try to find its instruments from HSO (Halion Symphony Orchestra). You may find this tutorial video useful… Assigning Your Own Sounds to Instruments in Dorico | Play Mode in Dorico - YouTube

Thanks Janis. I very much appreciate your follow-up.
Still trying to navigate my way around . I do have all the purchased help videos but haven’t had time to concentrate on learning the fundamentals (yes, that is very deep).
The video will be useful.