Instrument Selection For "All Strings" Players

I am setting up a Dorico VSL template and I’d like to include Players assigned to “All Strings” channels in VE Pro (as opposed to separate strings Sections). I would be using this Player for sketch purposes. I have a Player Group I labelled “COMP” for sketching, and it includes a Piano right now. I would like to add a strings Player to this Group.

But in the Assign Instrument dialogue box there is no Section String Instrument set up for this.

Any ideas on what would be the best existing Section Player for me to select to use as a workaround? Or Should I just use a Piano solo Player and link it to the appropriate VE Pro All Strings channel?

There isn’t a string section instrument, so if you’re wanting to use a grand staff instrument, using a renamed piano is your best bet.

Thanks, Daniel.