Instrument Sets Icons Gone?

What did I do guys?
Halion Sets|690x388

I used to have all the Icons in here. I’ve tried re-registering in Library manager but it says theres nothing to do. I can still see them all in the browser but many of the sounds can’t be loaded from there.

It was fine yesterday.

maybe in HALion try “rescan disk” ?

Thanks for your time Nico.

Well it’s pretty interesting, if I run Halion Sonic they are all there, 29 of them:

Halion Sonic Icons

And in Halion Sonic the number next t rescan disk is 110.

I tried running rescan disk in Halion 6 but it didn’t find anymore, the number there is 16.
So it seems it’s something to do with what Halion 6 is finding but I didn’t change anything, I was just looking through the instruments and ‘poof!’, it changed to how it is now. All my paths are still present in options. Pretty frustrating.