Instrument sound died

I’ve got a really strange problem. I was happily playing back my orchestral piece in Dorico 4 when all of a sudden the Oboe “gave up the ghost”. After much troubleshooting, the only thing that would fix it was to add a new VST instance for BBC Symphony Orchestra in the VST rack and load it with ‘Oboes a3’. The old instance in the rack is not working for whatever reason.

What could cause a very strange thing like this? The expression map is EXACTLY the same.

Did you maybe accidentally mute the Oboe channel? You can check in the mixer window (F3).



Then I also don’t have an explanation. Sorry

Yeah, the first thing I looked at was the mixer to make sure it wasn’t muted period. All I know is I added a new vst slot to the rack, set it to BBC… and now it’s working…

Does anyone know if there’s plans to add the ability to delete VST slots that are not being used? Because they tend to clutter things. Yes I know I just need to sit down and build a template and be done with it.