Instrument sounds crossing wires with MIDI tracks--help!

I’ve created a template of preloaded instruments and attached MIDI tracks that successfully loads the instruments I want in each track separately. So far so good.

Now the problem. In a saved file that started with this template and added imported audio tracks (singing), when I go to particular instrument tracks that were part of the template, I hear a different instrument than the one I should. Specifically, I hear a MIDI channel 4 from one instrument swapped with a MIDI channel 4 for a different instrument. For example selecting a Cor Anglais track I hear instead a Flute sound. When I double check with a fresh new project that starts from the same template, the problem doesn’t happen.

In the attached image, I am playing a note outside the range of the Cor Anglais (highest C), and the Flute (that can hit that note) plays instead. This is reflected by the Kontakt window showing that the Cor Anglais track (Cor Anglais, channel 4) is not playing according to Kontact when I play the note (no signal is shown) while in Cubase, the track for Cor Anglais is showing a MIDI signal present.

In the second image you see the track that is actually playing, as reflected in the MIDI signal in the Kontakt window (Flutes, channel 4), while in Cubase, the track is not reflecting that signal.

In short, the two MIDI channels are ‘crossing their wires’ with different instrument tracks. Both are ‘channel 4’ MIDI tracks, but they are built off of separate instrument tracks, but seem to be crossing wires and are connected to the wrong instrument.

I think this has a quick solution but I cannot for the life of me figure out what it is. I’m also confused that this problem does not exist in the template, but does in my saved file with the imported audio singing tracks. Can’t figure out why that would cause it.

I would love help on this. I hope I’ve explained the problem and attached the right images with the Inspector window. Thanks.


Do you use Cubase 12 or Cubase 13, please?

Hi Martin! I’m using Cubase 13.


Was the track disabled by any chance?

Is it really the routing issue or is it just a visual issue? Does the template come from Cubase 12 or Cubase 13?

It was made in Cubase 13.

Yes, the template itself has the tracks disabled, so that as needed they can be enabled (there’s lots of them). Should I not create a template with ‘pre-disabled’ tracks? Or there something I should do in disabling/enabling tracks to avoid this?



This is a known issue. It’s going to be fixed in the 1st maintenance update.