Instrument track - change routing

Can I take an Instrument track which is currently playing one VST instrument, and change its routing so the midi notes on that track will play a VST on another instrument track?

Track 1 plays VST 1
Track 2 plays VST 2

I want to tell Track 1 to play VST 2, not VST 1.

simply select vst 2 in the track 1 output routing selector

Thanks for the reply. I can change the output to a different VST — but it opens a new instance of that VST - I want it to play a VST that is already existing in the project. I don’t see anywhere a way to choose to route to an existing VST …?

Only by using a MIDI track.

Aha, thanks Steve - good to know. I make a empty Midi track, route it to the already-existing VST, and drag my midi over. Slightly clunky, but it works…

Possibly less clunky:

  1. Select the Instrument track you wish to route to
  2. Invoke Add Track>MIDI
    The midi track will be routed to the selected instrument track.
  3. Drag the part to the new midi track, or Nudge commands to move it.