Instrument track doesn't play back

Last night I was having trouble recording on an instrument track.

So I deleted the track and created another, same thing.

It’s a Electra64 plugin. Sounds great with midi input. The notes I play get recorded. You can open the notes in piano roll and when you click on them they sound and you can hear them but when you play the track, no playback.

I took midi recorded on another track and put that on the track, same thing

I don’t have any midi insert but I was playing with arpache5 on the track I deleted.

What else is there between the track and playback?

And the notes playback when you click them but not when the cursor goes across them in playback.

Any ideas appreciated.

Have to see if it still does it today.

A) Muting: The clip could be muted in the project
B) Routing: Do you have Control Room enabled? You could be hearing the notes in the Key Editor through the listen bus, but not on playback
C) Routing 2: Again, you could be hearing from the listen bus in Key Editor, but the outputs of the actual VSTi track might be assigned to wrong/no bus

I can mute and unmute the clip no change.
I didn’t enable the control room, not sure how to check.

So did further research.

Open C7.5
Create empty project
Create instrument track, use any VSTi
Track plays back incoming midi with VSTi
Track Records perfectly but no sound on playback.
If I edit the recording notes playback when I click on them.

Then I created an audio track and went to record.
I get an error message that says too many tracks recording at once.
Every time I try and record audio same result.

Whoa. You’re experiencing deep issues. Your driver is corrupt or outdated … or… something.

You on PC?

What driver is that?

I just had a trip through support because my rack wouldn’t open up properly above the console.

But it did record with no problems.

Now rack opens properly but recording problems.

Deleted the user folder and reinstalled.

I need to fix my signature.

Driver for soundcard/interface.

No, checked my drivers and they’re the latest.

Studio One and Sonar X3 both run fine on this machine.

Probably need to reinstall again.

Yeah. You got me beat, man. Maybe download the 7.5.0 install. See if that works before getting the 7.5.3?

This EXACT issue has occurred to me and several others. There’s a thread in here somewhere.

EDIT: Here’s the thread
And another:

However . . . It happens SOO rarely that it’s hard to reproduce.

The only workaround I’ve found is to create a new MIDI track - point it to the instrument - and move the MIDI Data to this track from the instrument track.

Works every time.


there are a couple of threads about this, it’s a bug but noone has been able to figure out the exact repro / cause afaik. i’m getting this regularly.

Yeah, don’t know if mine is the same, it’s always there and I can never record on any VSTi.

There’s no working track to move it to.

And the audio does the too many tracks recording at once even though there’s only one track in the whole project.

I have the DVD box set.

I have to let my computer run all night for 3 or 4 days to download something that big and then half the time the data is corrupted.

Slow internet.

So when I turned the computer on today windows updated itself and now it seems everything works but the chord track is giving me problems.
But that’s probably me, first time trying it.

The important thing is that I get to move on to the next problem.

Thanks Guys, that was weird, two days no recording audio and no midi playback, then it’s ok.

So you’re saying that on the same projects where the instrument track would not play back it’s now playing?

Mine never come back - in the affected project - once they fail.
But the new MIDI tracks with the same data and pointed to the Instrument Track continue to be fine.


I have a UR22 and am running Cubase AI 7, I can record and monitor with my computer speakers plugged into the headphone jack but have no sound? help. I’m running windows 7.

Start a new thread, bud. You’ll get more help that way. :wink:

My testing method was to create a blank project then add a track and try and record, check that the console and inspector are working etc. Had inspector/console problem previously but that’s been resolved by reinstall.

I created an instrument track that could play through and monitor but not playback and an audio track that had too many inputs error and couldn’t record.

Did that two days in a row, then third day after computer took a long time to come on updating windows everything’s working.

I used to not ever set windows update to automatic but I thought I would try it with 8.1