Instrument Track: Frozen tracks cannot be deleted

  1. Freeze an Instrument Track (any VST)
  2. “Remove Selected Track” is no longer available on the popup menu for that track.

Uh, WTF, over? I cannot imagine a reason for this.

Instrument Tracks have the potential to be huge workflow boosters, but in order to live up to that promise, someone needs to rethink a few things that are holding them back. IMHO right now Instrument Tracks are more trouble than they're work - which is really too bad, 'cause they could be awesome: a way to have the best of both MIDI (ease of per-note editing) and audio, all in one handy, space-saving, context-preserving package. For example, after Freeze, the displayed MIDI should be replaced by the resulting Audio clip - which can then be processed and edited just like any other Audio clip!! Of course, Unfreeze would discard any audio edits and revert back to the MIDI. How cool would that be?


I can imagine it’s specified like this. You cannot even Duplicate the track, and to other stuff.

I wouldn’t say it costs so much time to Unfreze before you remove the track.

What you describe in your soapbox, it’s sounds more like an “Direct-Bouncing” to me. Freeze function doesn’t create the WAV file of the whole length of the track. The use case is a bit different.

I would recommend to send your idea to the Feature Request thread of the forum.

Hi Martin - “Bounce” is an audio function, not available with Instrument tracks, afaik - correct?

My wenging about Instrument tracks here is not just about one (or few) particular features. Instrument tracks have the potential to be incredible, but IMHO it feels like they’re half implemented - like maybe the guy who came up with them left the company and left them orphaned. :slight_smile:

Not being able to delete them is just one wart in the implementation. IMHO someone (or group of someones) needs to really think through the potential and workflow for Instrument tracks and bring them up to their full potential. What I had proposed in my soapbox - making Instrument Tracks act like “chameleons” that handle both MIDI and Audio as one and be able to go back and forth to have the best of both in a single track (as opposed to separate MIDI and audio tracks to create and manage) is just one idea. AFAIK, no other DAW has this capability. Cubase is so close to having truly useful Instrument tracks, but as I and many others on these forums have said, as-is they’re just not cutting it.