instrument track issues

Hey guys, got some issues when i load a new instrument track, select piano, play a tune… all good… but when it comes to double clicking on what i played, and wanting to adjust/move my notes to correct bar lines, it shows that the same note is doubled on top of each other, even if only a single note was played… never used to be like that… any ideas what the prob could be? i’m using cubase 8.5 pro, please, any assistance will be greatly appreciated :frowning:

Hi and welcome,

Open Devices > Device Setup > MIDI Setup. Make sure you have only one MIDI Port selected for every single physical Device. If you are on Windows, make sure, only one of the MIDI Port style is selected (I’m sorry, I forgot the names, but there are 2 different MIDI Ports styles on Windows).

If you are not sure, send a screenshot of this window.

Sorted!!! Thank you so much, really appreciate it!