Instrument Track: Keyboard Shortcuts for the *Audio* Inserts/Sends?

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I’m aware of the keyboard shortcuts to open the Inspector Inserts and Sends (this works great on audio tracks and MIDI tracks).

However, on an Instrument Track, the “open inserts” keyboard shortcut opens the Instrument Track’s MIDI insert, and the “open sends” keyboard shortcut does nothing.

Do you guys know how to set up keyboard shortcuts to open the Instrument Track’s audio inserts and audio sends? (I suspect the problem is that in an Insturment Track, we have a nested tab in the Inspector for the actual VSTi, and only within that we have the audio inserts and audio sends)

Thanks for any feedback and ideas!

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Actually, the whole management of the nested part of the Instrument tracks inspector is broken, and the worse is that the key commands related to it also don’t work, from which, no workaround that I know of…

Even if it is related to pinning the available sections in it, see also this thread, which gives another view about the present Instrument tracks inspector state.

A true workflow killer that has been left as it is since I don’t know when, despite countless reports… :roll_eyes:

Hi cubic13

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer this thread and also for pointing me to the other thread where a related issue is discussed. And good to read, that Steinberg is aware and thinking of solutions.

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@Matthias_Quellmann Dear Matthias, dear Steinberg, I would like to briefly ask you whether the issue of shortcuts for Instrument Track Audio Inserts and Sends (as mentioned above) is on Steinberg’s map? (Currently, the Inspector Open Inserts shortcut opens MIDI inserts on an Instrument track, and the Inspector Open Sends shortcut does nothing).

I assume it would be a relatively easy intermediate workflow improvement to just add keyboard shortcut options for the Audio Inserts and Sends of an Instrument Track? Or is there some hidden complexity also there?

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Unfortunately it’s not as easy as it sounds. The “nested” design of the Instrument Track Inspector needs to be revised first and it is unlikely that there will be any improvements for the next generation in this regards.

Hi @Matthias_Quellmann

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer (especially on a Sunday!) and shedding some light on why this might not be as easy.

Is my assumption correct that this is especially tricky because instruments might have multiple outputs, so beside the audio Inserts/Sends panel, there now also needs to be an “output” selector for those multiple outputs, so there cannot simply be a clear way/concept to have shortcuts to open “the” Inserts/Sends (since there are many, for each output)?

Is this the main issue/challenge (regarding adding shortcuts to Inserts/Sends)?

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I have to agree the Inspector is one of the parts of Cubase I don’t like. Having to click through every time you want to access inserts and different parts of the track from within the arranger view, isn’t very fun. If there was at least a shortcut to flip it open that would be sufficient but the available shortcut opens the MIDI inserts, which i imagine is a shortcut nobody ever uses.

Would be nice to make the inspector more accessible like it is in Logic.

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