Instrument Track MIDI control / automation (Mackie Control)

So here’s this week’s scenario.

I add an instrument track, say Halion 5.
Setup multiple outputs on it and add a few extra MIDI tracks to it.
I have a MIDI Mixer working on the Mackie Control protocol; The Icon Qcon Pro.
Now, of course the Instrument track works as the first MIDI track for the Halion 5, controlling the first instrument.
So when I now record, say, Mute automation on the first track, both the MIDI and the audio channel is muted, meaning that the source sound will be cut off when muting, and will then be re-triggered (if the note is still on), when unmuting.
This will therefore not give the same result as when only muting the audio channel.
If I Mute/unmute any of the other MIDI tracks, this problem does not occur, because then only the Audio channel is affected, not the MIDI track.

So, my question is this: Can you record MIDI automation data to an Instrument Track an have it only affect the Audio channel in the mixer, without the MIDI signals being affected?


In fact, it is a different command, if you trigger Mute in the MixConsole (you Mute the Channel), or if you trigger Mute in the Project window (you Mute the MIDI track), for the Instrument track. Mackie Control device triggers the Mute of the MixConsole. So you Mute the whole output channel. Then, you cannot hear anything, what comes from the virtual Output 1/2 of the Virtual Instrument.

The workaround is to use multiple outputs of the Virtual Instrument, and don’t use Out 1/2 of it.