Instrument track to audio

Hello! I have a problem. I setup Cubase AI 6 and Cubase Elements 7 Trial.
I create instrument track with Addictive drums plug-in. It works. I can separate each drum to its own track (in VST Instruments).
In VST Connection-Outputs i create “new stereo bus”. From instrument track (or group track) i set output to “new stereo bus”. But my audio track cant see this “new stereo bus” as input.
How can i turn virtual instruments to audio (except export-audio mixdown)??

PS i have AVID Eleven Rack and Windows 8


recording internally from busses is not possible with Cubase AI, but it is a Cubase only feature! The only option available is to export it one by one, since batch-export is also only possible with the full version of Cubase.