Instrument track workflow thing


Sooo, when adding a new instrument with the “<” key …

→ can we please have the cursor in the plugin name field and not the track count?

Know what i mean?

Thx, greets, and ask me to explain better if my request is not understandable:)


Also a couple of similar things I would like to see… based on the observation with C8.0: some things are missing or overlooked in this dialog (I suspect those were regressed over time).

  1. The instrument add dialog does not fully support the access by the keyboard. The Tab key lets the focus cycle through the dialog controls, but not the instrument name.

  2. The Keyboard Accelerator set for those buttons Browse, Add Track, Cancel don’t work.
    Note those buttons have underscores at part of the text. Alt+B, Alt+A, Alt+C are supposed to behave the button click.
    in addition, those two text fields should have accelerators as well.