Instrument tracks and edited volume

I am using more and more VST instruments which are being applied to an instrument track but I need to adjust the volume of certain measures in the music.

I can see that I can do it if I render the tracks to an audio track but is there a faster way to do this because the handles are not available for the volumes on their instrument track.

Alan Russell

Unless I didn’t get your inquiry, on a given instrument track, I would suggest either :

  • using a volume automation lane directly (no need to render)
  • or placing different MIDI CC messages in the involved MIDI parts, after eventually having add a Main Volume CC7 controller lane in the key editor. Be sure, though, that the involved VSTi is set to receive these messages to actually control the main volume : it’s not always the case…

The first option is probably easier to manage, as we can quickly read/mute the automation lane and edit its content directly in the project view. Beside this, if you ever need to edit the volume of several instrument tracks in the same way, you can route them to a group track and create a volume automation lane on the latter.