Instrument Tracks constantly scanning

I am a network manager at a high school and not a Cubase expert so please bear with me with the terminology. We have a Music Technology classroom with 10 windows 10 PC’s that have Cubase 8.5 installed. All are working well except that last week a particular user who logs onto any of these machines and tries to add an instrument track has a problem where the browser for the tracks opens up but it just constantly scans and finds nothing. This problem follows him to all these machines but other users are ok so thinking that it’s his user profile prompted us to delete his windows profile but no joy with that. I have checked that the DLL libraries are in place and the plugin manager is looking at the correct places and that looks ok. If I run Cubase as an admin everything is ok but he can’t see any settings changes he’s made as it think someone else if running the program. I have reset his settings as well back to factory settings but still no joy.
I’m now lost (not that I knew where I was going :laughing: ) and need some help. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks for any help with this.