Instrument Tracks for rookies...

I started messing with instrument tracks for the first time.
I’m using my MOX as a controller for Alchemy thru AI6 Cubase.
Real quick please…just point me in the right direction:
Why is it that I lay down a synth track from Alchemy in the Instrument track lane, then when I come back to it the sounds are all wrong. In this case the cutoff.
I monitor it and it sounds right, I play it back and it sounds right, but then if I lay down the next track, the sounds for the first track are all wrong.
Thanks. :confused:

You’re probably better off posting that in this forum.
I’m not sure what you are doing wrong, I take it you created a new instrument track for the next track?
Did you perhaps enable ‘write’ on the track during recording, which means you may have accidently recorded the cutoff automation?
Is your modulation wheel mapped to the cutoff frequency, or any other controller on your keyboard you may have recorded along with the notes?

Yes the mod wheel was mapped to control cutoff on the first track. Where is a good reference for learning the basics of laying down inst. tracks? The Cubase manual is not helping for the most part.

Just googled it for you, found these you tube clips might be helpful for the basics…

If I were you id have a good look around you tube n places for video tutorials. pretty much anything you can do on Cubase will be there in some form or other. Always worth looking.

Thanks for the replies. I’ve spent some time looking at some videos. I’ve got some more vids to check out too. Thanks for the links