Instrument tracks linked when solo'ing?

Hey guys, I posted about a similar problem a while ago which I thought was specific to imported MIDI files but now I have the same issue with a project I have created from scratch. Basically, when I solo one Instrument Track it’s also solo’ing others. The tracks are not linked in the mixer, nor are they grouped or in a folder. The only way in which some of these tracks are linked is that there is some side-chaining going on, but I wouldn’t imagine this would interfere with the ability to solo a track would it?

I need to be able to export individual channels for a loop pack and at the moment, this is kind of an obstacle to that unless I use batch exporting (in which case the Send FX are not ‘printed’ onto the channel stem, which is no good).

Would be grateful for any insight into this! Cubase 7.5.20 64-bit on Windows 8.1 64-bit.


I’m hoping for an answer to this as well.

I’ve had this were as many as 6 were soloed together when just one was selected. :unamused:

Just out of interest - which instruments are you using when this happens?
Are they multi outs such as RMX, Omnisphere etc?
There may be a clue here.