Instrument tracks only in stereo ?


I’m studying the possibility to use Instrument tracks instead of racks + MIDI tracks.
But I can’t manage to use them in a surround context, they are desperately stereo only. If I route the output to a 5.1 bus for example, the track is still in stereo (the two circles icon), and when I want to insert a surround plugin, its inputs and outputs are in stereo. Only the Vumeter is in 5.1 (but only the L and R channels have activity).

My goal is to have instrument tracks hosting Kontakt instruments or synths, and insert on them MIR pro plugin in order to spatialize them and have a 5.1 output.

Am I missing something ?
I use10.5



I don’t know of any surround sound synths, there might be some content in Kontakt. from my time in post normally music would be stereo then I used an upmix plugin to make it surround sound

As far as I understand, Cubase sets the number of outputs of the track according to the number of outputs of the instrument plugin, which is a bad design according to me.
I can do a dumb workaround for Kontakt (setting 1 output of 6 channels as default, close then reload, then add a matrix filter before MIR), but Im’ screwed with stereo-only instruments (like Massive, Zebra…).

How would you like to see it working with the stereo-only-Instruments? I mean - if those dont provide surround outputs how should cubase create a surround singal out of them?

I agree Cubase can’t create alone a surround signal out of stereo-only instruments. But an insert plugin could (like MIR), and Cubase doesn’t let me do, which is bad. We should have a configuration button to force the number of outputs, then the user is free to do what he wants (even errors…).