Instrument Tracks vs Audio Tracks

Does it save on CPU if i convert my Instrument tracks to audio tracks and then delete the vst instruments.
I’m running about 7 vst instruments at the moment and i can see the meter coming up to 25%

The short answer is “Yes” but surely not hard to test what saving you’ll see on your system?

There’s no need to delete the Instrument tracks though, just render them to Audio and disable the VSTi tracks (it’s an option in the Rendering window). Much easier to go back and edit if you need to that way (but you still get he same CPU saving.

Thank You
I asked the question to save time rendering to audio if it was going to be a waste of time.

Why would you worry about 25% CPU use? I might worry if I was up to 75%. I would just get on with the job. If you are that worried take planarchists advice.

OK Thanks