Instrument Transposition Change Labels

I’m working on a horn part that changes transpositions quite regularly. Every time the transposition changes, the automatically generated label includes the short name for the instrument, as in “Hn in E”. In this situation, the standard convention (in my experience) has been to just say “in E”. Is there a way to accomplish this through settings?

I know I can go through and change the text of each one manually using Engrave Mode, but I was hoping there might be a global setting that I’m just unaware of.

I tried out changing the short instrument name to be just a space character, but that caused a small shift in the label and made score staff labels wonky.

ps, a related question: Is there any way to suppress the “to Hn in E” altogether? I have some spots where the it’ll say “to Hn in E” and only a couple of bars later (after some rest) have the “Hn in E”. In these cases, the “to Hn in E” indication is (often) unnecessary.

Welcome to the forum @benstrecker !

Instrument labels use the instrument’s names, so if you need to use them with the “Hn” included elsewhere, then unfortunately I think manually overriding the instrument change labels will be necessary.

You can hide individual instrument change labels in Engrave mode, by selecting them and entering an empty space in the text property field in the lower zone.

Thanks, @Lillie_Harris

I had used the empty space for hiding the labels I didn’t want, but I wasn’t sure if that was the recommended way. It seemed a little too “workaround-y”

In the future, I would be thrilled to have more granular control over the overall formatting for instrument change labels, but this will work for now!