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I’m looking for a virtual instrument to write symphonic music. Somebody could tell me if UVI-Orchestral suite could be ok for Dorico?

Hi Pierre.
Question is : how deep do you want to get involved with expression maps, quality of your mockup, etc.
If your answer is somewhere near “I’m not computer nerd, I just want the thing to work on its own”, buy NotePerformer (as many of us have). Go for it, no question.
If you are a computer nerd, then do a search in the forum. But I don’t recall UVI to be part of the favourite library editors here. I myself might have lost a few bucks in a useless library from theirs (choral thing, before Olympus choir was bundled with Dorico).

Note Performer offers a free 30-day trial version you can try out.

Hey Marc,
Thanks a lot for your advice. I will try noteperformer, I think it’s exactly what you say: I’m not a nerd, and I’m writing music not to be played by a computer, but by an orchestra.

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Hi Marc,
I tried installing the trial version of noteperformer but it doesn’t seem to work in DORICO.

I have set noteperformer in the default playback template. But it is as if there is no data with noteperformer.

In the VST windows, I have this: “!!Notperformer!!”

I can assure you it does work in Dorico : I believe a majority of Doricians have it!
There must be a problem with how it was installed.
Can you tell us more about your system, and maybe (as usual), attach diagnostic files (created in the help menu)?

Probably even if I’m not an expert, it seems that a great product that integrates well with Dorico is BBCSO Core, doesn’t cost too much and already has pre-programmed expression maps. The result in terms of playback is professional and does not take up too much space on hard disk (28 Gb). I believe it will be my next purchase (when it is on sale) :sweat_smile: . I also find Iconica very interesting, but it costs more and is a huge library (190 Gb). It would be be interesting to hear the opinion of those who already own large orchestral libraries integrated with Dorico … :thinking:

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Fabrizio, I own BBCSO Core, and I can assure you NP is far way easier to use, faster and lighter. I only invested in that library because… I wanted to understand what it was all about (expression maps, VEPro, better sound quality?). My feeling is that it is highly time and money consuming, and NP is not. As Pierre is writing for real musicians, he won’t need to finesse his sound output with such libraries, and NP has proved to be very efficient.

I understand your point of view, obviously if you have the opportunity to write for a real orchestra everything changes and in the case of Pierre I agree with you. But for example I would like to get high quality sounds and maybe BBCSO Core could be a good investment. I specify that I am not a professional and therefore I need to do everything myself so I thought of a library that is a compromise between the most expensive on the market and the cheapest ones. I currently own Amadeus Symphonic Orchestra and Palette Symphonic Sketchpad, which are products that perform well in their price range. And then I have to admit buying sounds is addicting, :grimacing: :sweat_smile: for example after I bought Era II medieval legends right after I bought Dark Era (Best service), both exceptional.

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most likely NotePerformer has become blacklisted as this can happen with vst2’s. A common problem which I had to fix myself quite a while back. One of the team will soon see this no doubt and offer the latest patch-- I think Ulf is your man there.

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BBC Core is not straightforward but is worth the effort if you want a large rich warm symphonic sound which NotePerformer cannot really produce in the same way. An update is just about to be made available which may improve performance. But NP requires little effort and produces clear and crisp output. It’s a still a first preference for certain of my symphonic works though the smaller the ensemble, the more obvious its shortcomings at a sample level become.

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Prepare to experience a bit of frustration either way? :slight_smile: Libraries are like a gateway drug - you end up saying “this is better, but it really needs to sound…” and that ends up taking more time and effort (and cost) in one way or another. Either you are in the position of wanting it better, or wanting it to take less time, or my personal favorite - both at the same time.

I think NP is one of the best options if you don’t need broadcast quality.


Hi Marc,
I’m just come back from my job… I try to sent you my diagnostic files, but it seemed new users can,t attach file in this forum!


You’re right, that’s a problem. Maybe after you’ve written some posts you’ll be allowed… In the meantime, you could put them in a dropbox or alike and post the link?
You could also write an email to Ulf Stoermer (u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de), who is the specialist for all those nasty VSTi problems… Send him the diagnostic files, because in the end, he is the guy who will analyze them :wink:

Ok thanks, i will write to him.

Hope this will be remedied soon. Also hope my replying to your message will help.
Also try reading some other threads. That sometimes prompts the forum software to increase your access level.

Yes, thanks. I’ve write to Ulf…

Ulf wrote to me and fixed the problem
All it’s ok now.
It’s seemed to work well.
Thanks a lot for your help

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