Instrument Wake up delay? Anyone had this?

I’m not sure if this is a hardware issue so apologies if posting in wrong forum, but reason posting here is I wanted to initially ask.

Is anyone finding the first note played on a track by a VSTi, can come in slightly late the first time a production is played?, or if played after a break in using Cubase.

I’m using SSD for my sample libraries, and happens with instruments, and to be honest I’m using Audio for the drums, and its these that used to suffer that disk wake up delay dropout , I don’t get this now after using SSDs. But this instrument VSTi delay seems to have started on Cubase 7, didn’t experience it before with these same SSD drives.

any thoughts ?

I always leave 2 bars free before the music starts. I’m using these 2 bars for sending some MIDI information about the settings of the instrument.

So if you are sending some MIDI events like these (lets say SysEx, NRPN, RPN, etc.) the first Note could be delayed.

have you turned off all sleep mods in the advanced setting of your power scheme if you on windows , usb deactivate sleep and drives on “0” ?

Setting in Prefs for VST3.

Thanks for the responses guys

  • so I’ve found in my power scheme that the hard disk would sleep after 20 mins, I have now set this to never

  • disabled the USB Selective Suspend

I have noticed that I haven’t enabled ‘Steinberg Power Scheme’ I just stick to my own, as I found that when using this the computer would go back to its default settings if Cubase wasn’t open which I didn’t want. I have left The SB power scheme turned off for this reason.

I haven’t changed the pref in VST3 that suspends when no signal received, I notice when you did the ASIO meter jumped up a little, but I reckon this is perhaps where part of the problem lies, so I’m hoping that having SSD and having sleep disable might cure this ( however I thought a hard disk sleeping just meant it wasn’t spun up, SSDs wouldn’t be affected by this would they?)

Thanks again Guys, and please give any more guidance in case this doesn’t cure the problem

Something I didn’t mention, I found that it would typically affect one instrument in a project only, and the first note only, and this might be a channel that kicked in half way through when other instruments were playing already.

Aloha guys, and great thread.
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I learn soooo much here.

My DAW PC is set to be energy unfriendly. It never sleeps except when I shut it down. I’ve not noticed this, yet.

And I also leave 2 bars before music starts. It gives me time to think. Oh, and hi Martin. (Julia B here).


I have sparked up a project this morning, and all the Audio hits first time, the Drums off GA one hit first time

When the other parts play from Kontakt 5, they hit just fine (my libraries are all on SSD)

when the part comes to play a part from Kontakt 5 on pianet patch theres that delay again on the first note. insert plugs on channel are chorus and phaser, both Cubase plugs, nothing active in channel strip

but other time is its happened using Korg legacy M1

its gotta be something really simple yet really hard to pin down cos it only happens the first time you play after a long rest

:angry: frustratospherical problem