Instrument will not play back when GM drum map is on

Instrument will not play back when GM drum map is on.

  1. Create a an instrument track with a drum sound. Doesn’t matter what I have tried this with Kontakt, Groove agent, halion all with the same results.
  2. Draw a measure.
  3. Click on the newly drawn measure to get the editor.
  4. Draw some notes and you will here sound as you draw them.
  5. Exit out of the editor and play back the notes, you will hear them.
  6. Turn on the GM drum map.
    repeat steps 3-5. This time you will hear no sound.

    In summary if the GM Map is turned on you will not get sound. But the sound comes on as soon as you remove the GM map
    Note this only applies to the editor and playback. The sound always works if you trigger it directly from the instrument. So I don’t think the problem is with the instrument playback but is a midi related problem with the GM map.

This did work when I first installed cubase.

cubase 8.5.10
windows 7 sp1 64bit
32gb mem
intel i7-4770 3.5ghz


The GM Map has the midi channels set to 10 for each note. Could you try to set the input channel for either Kontakt and Groove Agent to 10 aswell?. Does it still not work?

greetings novik

It help for me, thank you very much Novikthewise