Instrument window follows selected track

Is there anyway to make it so if I have an instrument open, and I select another track, it will switch to that instrument? This would be really helpful for non Kontakt plugins, like when I have 12 instances of say BBCSO and I want to switch quickly between instances.


I’m sorry, this is not possible.

This has been discussed before and hopefully a feature request has been made.

A huge work-around would be to create a workspace for every track. For example open a VST instrument for track 1. Place the gui where you desire on your video monitor, then save it as a workspace. Then repeat…

This is what I do especially if I have multiple inserts on a single track, and I want to view all of those inserts. Open all the inserts, place them where you desire, then save it as a workspace.

Always remember you have global and project specific workspaces.