Instrument window linked to track?

Hi there,

Recent Cubase convert from Logic, I was wondering if there was a way to link the instrument window view to the selected track like in Cubase? In Logic you clicked that purple icon on the right.


I don’t know Logic, but you might look at:
“Edit Instrument”

Also, I found it useful to assign “v” as a Key Command to open the VST Instrument on the selected track.

Does that help?

Hi Stephen,

Not really, I’m aware of the edit instrument key command. I wanted the instrument window to stay in place on my second screen and change to the current instrument when I select another track. Very useful when using VEP with ‘auto raise instance’.

I see. That I can’t offer any useful suggestion about. I use a single monitor and don’t have VEP.

Any progression? Have you find the way?