Instrumental Music 'Why'

Hello everyone, I am new here. In fact, this my very first post in this particular forum. I make mostly instrumental music. Recently, I purchased Cubase Pro 9.5 and made this music among other things of course. Hope you like it. Even if not, let me know. :blue_heart:

Hi Iftekharul Anam, I think what you’ve posted here sounds great. I hope you post a lot more. I am supposing that the flute sounds are midi generated, and apologies if I am incorrect, but they sound quite good. You could probably add a contrasting section to make that piece even more interesting. Thanks for sharing with us.

Wow! I am honored that you like it. With the given encouragement, I would love to post more.

Well, the flute sounds are not MIDI generated!:joy: I play flute and thus I recorded it. Here is a sample of me playing/showing bamboo flute. But, no apologies necessary. I should take it as a compliment as I feel like I can play as professionally as a sample library :joy::joy:

Yes, you are very much right as to I could add a contrasting section to make it more interesting. I will try to do so in the future. However, for now I can not help focusing more on my main instrument which is flute.

Anyway, thank you again for your insights. :blue_heart:

So incredible beautiful - I`m now a fan! :smiley:


I feel so hnored. Thank you! :blue_heart:

Wow, you are quite a player, and you are getting a great sound in your recording!

Thank you so much. :blue_heart:

Very good!! thanks.

Thank you! :blue_heart:

Thank you for posting, Ik like the flute playing and way it is recorded. The improvisation is on a background piano progression the start to be boring and gets in the way of the flute after a while, so you could try to change that in the mix bij replacing it with an other instrument, different chord inversion or transpose the song. the percussion is great but very much filling up the space the song could use especially with such al wonderful flute.Let it breathe the theme you got in your mind.
So keep it going, there’s more in it.

Noted with gratitude. I will try to do better in future. :purple_heart:

Very melodic, sounds good !

Thank you! :blue_heart: