Instrumental Piece Named "A Father's Love"

It’s a soundtrack so a story should be imagined for it to make sense.
A piece made with classical Instruments plus Duduk and Persian Ney
Feedback would be
greatly appreciated

UPDATE (newest version) :

Nice sounding instruments and very concise composition, good work. :slight_smile:

Love this! Thank you for sharing!

Thanks ,
Pleased to see that you like it, Duduk is from Armenia and not from my country but I love it’s sad sound

Thanks for your feedback
My pleasure :wink:

Excellent piece. Love this!
However, I stay a little on my appetite. I believe there is space to develop melodic and instrumentation. I wish this atmosphere lasts a little longer.

Thanks for sharing!

Glad you like it mate~

I find it hard to make pieces that are longer than a couple of minutes on my own… I mean when I remix a 5 minutes long piece I have no problems, but when it comes to composing, I lack the art of story telling by which for example long novels are shaped… I guess analytic listening will help me grow in that dimension. Ramin Djawadi’s “light of the seven” is a very good example of a long piece which I aspire to make in the future ,fingers crossed.
Thanks for the feedback bro :slight_smile:

Hi Masoomi, you’re doing great. Thanks for sharing it with us.
To make it longer, which you should, you need to consider a second idea to contrast with the first. Some other aspect of the relationship, in you mind. A different melody, harmony, and maybe even rhythm. You move the music toward the second idea, bring it to full blossom, and then find a way back to the first to complete. I struggle with this all the time. There you go, classical period music theory! I certainly wish I understood it myself! Just something to get you moving forward. You’re on the right track!

Thanks for the tips and the kind words
I don’t know about the contrast but there is definitely a mood change in this one. let me know what you think .thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Masoomi, the mood change is wonderful! A change in energy is certainly a contrast, so you have succeeded!

Really nice! i like that you take your time for the buildups.
1,42 was such a great turn!

Thanks Mate
I hope I learn to make cleaner mixes in the future as well , I have the feeling that in the last part when heavy drums come in ,it gets crowded instrument wise and thus a bit confusing and messy… maybe panning would help… Any Ideas?

Thanks I added the second part after hearing suggestions from forum members like yourself. Glad you liked it :slight_smile: