Instrumental progressive song

This is a guitar-centric :wink: instrumental progressive song. I know it is not a popular genre, but maybe someone here could enjoy it. Thanks for watching!

Hi Davide,

Sounds very good, great musicianship! :sunglasses:


Ready, shreddy, go! Very nice playing and mix sounds good.


nice work!

Enjoyed this instrumental very much…just superb :slight_smile: not sure why so many people call an instrumental ‘‘a song’’ but…there ya go :slight_smile:

fantastic work…put more up, it’s a popular genre as far as I’m concerned and this forum is for all genres of music… :slight_smile:



Thank you all for the kind words. Because of the genre, I expected that basically nobody enjoyed the song…I am very happy someone did :smiley:

Wow, sounds great! And man, you got chops. Very impressive playing!

well done, great technique and you have the correct italian type name for a shredder ,just having a bit of fun ,enjoyed it.

Instrumental, progressive, guitar? Lots of us are interested! Give us details on how you made this! I assume you are playing the guitar? How did you track it and mix it? What guitar, what amplifier? Are you playing everything? Great job.

Hi dr4kan! Wow I heard some Vai and Malmsteen influence. Btw ALL music is welcome in this forum as far as I can tell…especially as good as this is!

I agree with Early21 we want as many details as you can offer on how this was recorded :smiley:

Thanks! Yes, I am the guitarist, but I also played the bass and programmed some synths in some tracks. Guitars were recorded using either a Kemper or a SM57 + i5 pair to record my head + 2x12 speaker. The main guitar I used to record the CD is a MusicMan Axis (I also used an Ibanez RG Prestige in a couple of tracks and an acoustic Martin in another one).

Thank everybody again for the kind words. I will let you know when the CD is out (it should be in 2-3 weeks).

just an update for people who could be interesting :slight_smile:

My album is out now. 9 [instrumental] songs from jazz/fusion to progressive/rock (as the song in the OP).
You can listen to some excerpts from the album here :

…where you will also find additional details.

Thanks for checking!