Instrumental Rock track

Just having some fun


Excellent! Is that you playing the guitar? Sounds great!

Hi Early21, thanks for checking it out and taking time to comment, I appreciate it. Yes, it’s all me except the drums.
Best regards.


Have you miced up an amp for the recording as it sounds really clear?
Wow you are real shredder. Awesome stuff!

Hi Oneway, thanks for checking it out, and for your kind words. No mics were used, I used a real amp into a two notes Captor x. The amp is a 73 50 watt Marshall,

The rhythm part is straight into amp and for the Lead stuff I went from guitar to mxr phase 90 to amp.
Pretty simple setup.
Thanks again!


Sounds like Richie Blackmore : Shades of Deep Purple!

You tryna make us all quit guitar? lol Good stuff.
Sounds more like a random convergence of Guthrie Govan and Eddie Van Halen.
Well, we’ve got your Marshall, what ax?

Suprawill,…that’s too funny man…the rhythm Gtr was tracked with a 95’ Les Paul Classic and the Lead gtr is a 08’ Les Paul Axcess

Thanks for listening!


OK, I’ve just chucked my guitar outa da window…awesome work dude…luved it!

Knmack…you’re funny :grin:….thanks for listening and posting.