Mixed in Cubase Studio 5…Originally recorded on Roland VS 2000


Good job. If you were looking for feedback, I would suggest you work on giving the drums more variety, and give the whole piece more dynamic variety. Enjoyed it.

Very nice piece, but for me it does sound rather synthetic. Piano & drums in particular do have a rather ‘plastic’ sound to them. Personally I’d like to hear a more fuller organic type sound… better samples, or better still, real instruments! Also, there doesn’t seem to be much bottom end in the mix… needs more ‘balls’ I reckon !! :smiley:

Add some more protien and I think you’d have a pretty good tune on your hands :sunglasses:

Pleasant enough piece. I’d agree with the guys on the synthetic sounds, copy the rhythm pattern of a ballad for the drums and you won’t be too far from the mark. The piano sounded very bright but lacked body, some of the fundamentals of the instrument have been eq’d out or it was an overly bright sample to begin with. Try and get some body in there, it’s good for the sonic spectrum :sunglasses: