Jazzy instrumental song, love to hear your comments.


Good playing here especially as it gets to the 4:00 point. Only main critique is that the drums are way too far back in the mix and since you’re going for a real drummer sound the drum parts should be flushed out to include drum fills that would drive the energy. The first change was different for me but I’m not that sophisticated.

Reminds me of Soft Machine. I like it! Agree with Mr M’s comments, and would add that the bass sounds a little lost sometimes, especially around 4 minutes.

Thanks for the comments guys, I’ll look into the suggestions.


Nice tune +1 on drum thing, the bass is a bit muddy also. Looking forward to hearing next mix. The synth sounds are nice what did you use?

Thanks kzarider, working on drums and bass now.
Strings is Padshop Crystal Formant Pad and synth is HS SE New Wave Synth.


nice!! diggin the chorusy stereo spread on the guitar, beautiful flowing sound. ya loving this track, bit of phantom navigator coming through.
great talent here!

Thanks bluebob, much appreciated! :smiley:


very laid back and sultry…look forward to hearing a vocal on it…Kevin

Thanks shadowfax, laid back is what I intended to get.

where did it go?

Something went wrong when putting a new version on SC, tomorrow another try.

New version with more drumfills and bass changed.
All comments welcome!


Hi René,

Sounds good, nice mood. :sunglasses:
I didn’t hear the first version, but I think the drums are still a bit too far back in the mix.

Nice guitar sound.


Thanks Wim, much appreciated.