Instrumentchange name at wrong position in parts when using cues

Hey all, first of all I would like to say, that the Dorico Cue function is really absolutely fantastic! Such a great tool for every orchestra composer/arranger.
There is one thing, that could be improved in my opinion:
When using cue notes in the same bar as an instrument change happens, then the new instrument name is shown above the cue notes, which is confusing for the player.
(like here the change to bass clarinet). It gives the player the wrong impression, that the cue notes are played by bass clarinet, but instead he has to play the note later with bass clarinet.

I think it would make more sense, to place the name automatically exactly, where the new clef starts (here G clef) then its all at one place saying: this is your new instrument and this is your new clef.

Here its still not such a problem, as the bar is just a 4/4, but for bigger bars, or free rhythmical notation, this can cause a lot of confusion.
For a piece with many instrument changes and cue notes, that would save a lot of Layout work.

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In Galley mode, have you tried adding the cue to the old instrument instead of the new?

A new option Show instrument change label after cue, if cue precedes first note in new instrument has been added to the Players page of Layout Options in Dorico 4 that hopefully solves this problem for you.


Dear @dspreadbury , thanks so much, oh this is genius! Fantastic option! One small remark, I just realized, that in the german version this button is not translated yet. Thanks for all!

Is there a way for a user to set this layout option up as automatically checked in all parts and documents?

It will be switched on by default in new projects, but off in existing ones. You will need to manually switch it on in your existing projects.

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