Instruments appearing without key signatures

I’m afraid I’m struggling mightily with my first multi-instrument, multi-flow project, especially (perhaps) because it’s been imported from XML. I have many questions, and don’t know whether to bunch them all together in one post or to post them separately. But this is the one I’ve just encountered: there’s a passage in the work with a 6-flat key signature, and some instruments haven’t been allotted this in the import, including (see attachment) the Trumpet in C and the mezzo-soprano (character name ‘Dynas Glên’ in this score). How can I remedy this?

I have experienced similar things with Sibelius XML imports. Most likely, all parts that now display 6 flats all have their own local key signature. This is visible when you select one: the accidentals in front of the other staves will not be highlighted with it.
You can repair this by first deleting all these 1-staff keys signatures (check each by selecting it), en then adding the overall KS for all parts together. (Or the other way round: first add a global KS, then check if there are local ones left.)

Dear Gareth
When importing from xml, it’s very important that you make sure you can see the signposts. Menu View in Write mode. Chances are some red signposts will appear with C inside… Select them and delete. If it doesn’t solve the problem, then that’s probably because the key signatures are independent ones. The easiest thing to do, I think, is to put them global back, invoking the shift-k popover where they should be. You can then delete all those local key signatures (when you select one, it doesn’t select all the key signatures- that is a way of knowing it’s local)
Good luck and stick to it! You will learn a lot with this project!

Many thanks, both. I’ll have a try. I have to say, though, that I’m having a very hard time of it with my present project (possibly going straight from a successful one-instrument, single-flow project to one of my biggest scores) on many fronts. Could I ask you something else associated with this XML import issue?
Is there a quick way of combining identical instruments? For example, my imported score has given the piano part a different instrument for each flow (Piano, Piano 1,… Piano 6 etc.), and I need to combine them all into just one piano instrument.
Also, its opposite: can I separate two instruments that the import has allotted to one player each? (My import has done this a lot with the singers in the score.) If there is a player called - let’s say - “Joe, Fred”, can I divide the two ‘instruments’ so that I have two players, one singing Joe and the other singing Fred?
I’ve just noticed now that whole flows have suddenly apparently completely disappeared from the project, but I’ve discovered the reason - the Full Score layout had been unticked from apparently (but probably not) random flows. How might I have accomplished that, I wonder?

It’s obviously a bit late at this stage, but when you import each separate MusicXML file into your project, you need to set the Merge with existing players where possible to avoid the proliferation of pianos and the like, since otherwise Dorico will add a new piano (or whatever) for each flow.

To sort it out once you’ve got into a pickle, what I’d recommend is creating a new custom score layout in the Layouts panel on the right-hand side and assigning all your flows and all of the pianos (say) to it. Keep it to just one set of duplicate instruments so that it’s easier to work with.

Then open that new layout in galley view and you’ll see all of the pianos stacked top to bottom. Select the music on the piano that has all of the music for that flow, and copy it to the clipboard. Then select the initial rest at the start of the first piano instrument and paste it in. Repeat this for each flow, until you have all of the music for all of the flows copied and pasted into one of the pianos. Then you can safely delete pianos 2 through 6 (or whatever) in Setup mode, and you’ll be left with just a single piano with all of the expected music.

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That’s exactly how I’ve done it a few times. Somehow, either the XML is different every time (hey, this one calls himself a ‘piano’), or Dorico can’t believe it’s a piano again. Never mind, it’s copy-paste. I can live with it. Don’t search too long for clever ways to fix everything — it’s one-way traffic, at least for me.

That’s a great solution! Thanks.
My (admittedly now hazy) recollection is that, in my first attempt at importing the file as XML, I clicked the ‘all new players’ option, but that, naturally, created a gazillion players, and I didn’t proceed, going instead, in my second try, with the other option. It seems, though I may well be mistaken, that the ‘merge’ option created a kind of hybrid, in which some instruments, like the piano, were duplicated and others merged in a curious fashion - e.g. an isolated soprano phrase might be allocated to a violin, or a singer-player allocated two ‘instruments’ (=voices) so that his staff would contain material from a tenor singer and a bass singer.
As material appears to have been distributed among many players, some of it in unexpected ways, I did think of having a full score with all the players showing throughout the whole project in Galley view, so that I could locate material that might be in a non-standard place, but for now I’ll continue to do the tidying-up scene by scene using the methods you’ve outlined.