Instruments are heard from previous track

I have real instruments that I’m trying to record. All instruments are recorded from steinberg UR22 mk 2 to cubase 12/13. My headphones are connected to UR22. I record Drums and keyboards in stereo. First track is recorded just fine. Second track, that is being recorded, has everything from track 1 with second instrument. So track 1=1 and track 2= 1 +2. So everything that is recorded to 1 can be heard from next track as well if I use steinberg as output device. If I use low latency driver and listen to it from computer speakers, then it is ok, but I’d like to monitor from UR22. What I have done wrong?

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Do you use a MIDI Track or an Instrument Track? How is the routing done? What MIDI Keyboard do you use (do you use the one from the given hardware)? Is the Local Control switched Off?

How is the audio routed?

Make sure loopback function is disabled (UR22 control panel)

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Thanks for your replys, I’ll check this loopback setting today.

Yes, it was that loopback setting that caused it. Thank you for your help!!!