"Instruments" browsing suddenly stopped working

This seems to be a bug, but regardless.

I opened Groove Agent 5 up today, and the “Instruments” section just shows literally the same as “Kits” and I cannot search for sounds, nor audition them.
The only work around is to use “Load Instrument” from right clicking a pad, then the samples show up, but I cannot audition them in that window.


I realized this happens only if I use Cubase 12.
If I use 12, it breaks Groove Agent even in Stand Alone mode.
I run Cubase 11, it fixes it, and Stand Alone mode works as expected too (until I open 12 again and it breaks again.).
Hence, I am moving this topic from Groove Agent to Cubase section.
I also have massive latency ever since this bug started happening.
Everything works fine in 11.

Just to clarify, the bug happens within Cubase 12. But if I check Groove Agent Stand Alone after using Cubase 12, the bug remains (which is what made me think this was a GA issue, but Cubase 11 makes it work as expected).