Instruments displayed too small

With a 2560 * 1440 resolution (and 27’’ monitor) instruments and other plugins are displayed too small, I can hardly decipher the labels. I could of course reduce the windows resolution but isn’t there a more practical way to blow the instruments up by 25% or so?


Which version of Cubase do you have, please? Cubase 8.5 supports Retina displays.

And which Instruments do you mean? It always depends on the Instrument developer. The latest HALion Sonic and Groove Agent updates also support Retina displays.

Thanks, I am mostly concerned about the Arturia collection, but essentially all plug ins are too small for my taste. I am using the 8.5 on Windows 10, I could not find anything about high-res support.

This is not a Cubase issue. Some vst-instruments give you the choice to set the size others don’t. Some Arturia synts are small, Image-line Sytrus vst is an other one that springs to mind.

OK, good to know. The standard track equalizers for example, the knob labels are quiet small with the 2560 * 1440 res. Is it possible to enlarge the window?

Steinberg could make all window sizes (or zoom factors) flexible, for plugins or other elements. A host application can definitely control the size of the plugin GUI.

I run the same resolution on my screen and it’s about the same size as HD on a 23".
Anyway, I have a second screen that has lower resolution that I use for plugins. That is thankfully now possible with the new window management that was introduced in 8.0

Sounds like a good alternative. I currently have no space for a secondary screen but maybe that is something I will check out.

However, I still think it is short sighted (excuse the pun) by Steinberg to not include a feature to scale / zoom / enlarge the graphical GUI parts. No one designs a web page like that nowadays (it’s got to be responsive to adapt to common devices) so a desktop program that heavily uses graphical elements should not ignore the fact that high resolutions are standard now.

The Arturia Mini V labels for example are ridiculously small. But maybe Arturia in this case provides an insufficient bitmap, because when I take a screenshot of the plugins’ surface and zoom into this with a graphic program, then it becomes obvious that the labels are unnecessary blurry. They are not blurry if I take a screenshot at a 1280 * 720 resolution (but with this resolution the synth does not even fit onto the screen). However, Retrologue2 gives similar results, although the labels are more legibly to begin with.