Instruments don't produce any sound

So I recently installed the latest version of Dorico Pro. I opened the default projects that come with the programm, and they all worked fined.But when I tried to create a new project, the instruments don’t produce any sound at all. Ive checked the audio interface, and that shouldn’t be a problem, as I can hear the metronome. Is there a solution to this problem?

Have you…

  1. Installed the (HALion) player and sounds as well as the program?
  2. Gone to Play mode and specified (or reassigned) a Playback Template in the Play menu?

And have you check the mixer window (F3) that nothing is muted or maybe the metronome soloed?

If still no sound, please create a new project from piano template and then do Help > Create Diagnostics Report. The corresponding zip file post here, please. Thanks

And welcome to the forum, Phil!

i seem to have managed to make it work but only if i have an audio interface with me. If I instead use bluetooth it doesnt work. Additionally I have the problem, that I cannot scroll through the Edit options (preferences) for some reason. I tried using a mouse and not but both didnt work

Regarding the BlueTooth issue, please read the FAQ, there is a section explaining about it: Frequently Asked Questions: new users start here - #2 by dspreadbury
When you still can’t get it to work, come back here and give a little more detail. Thanks


I have the same problem. If it’s ok can I post my diagnostics report here?

@pedroabreu77 , sure, go ahead.