Instrument's Full name & Short name don't match the Layout name?

There are 3 different naming conventions for instruments - the layout name doesn’t match either the Full name nor the Short name.

Notice how the “VN2” in Players is called “Violin I” in the layout.

Is this by design? Or is it a bug?

I realize that I can change the Layouts name. But it’s odd that it doesn’t automatically follow the Player name. What’s the Layout name for anyway?

The layout name is intentionally separate, as you may have layouts that contain more than one player. For instance, “Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass” is probably better described as “Choir” at the top of each page.

If you want the details at the top of the page (top left corner of the first page and running header on subsequent pages) to always reflect the instrument names, replace the {@layoutname@} token in your master pages with {@stafflabelsfull@}


The granular possibilities of this software blows my mind. I never considered that a Layout could be for SATB or something. OK so I think I’m finally understanding it - Flows refer to the horizontal (Chorus, Verse, etc) and Layouts refer to the vertical (staves, etc). For example, rather than export the Full Orchestra score, I could instead just export the Woodwind Layout of the Verse Flow.

Sure. All that said, though, typically part layout names do reflect updates to the player name and instrument name. If you manually overwrite the layout name, that link is broken - by design. You can restore that link by double-clicking on the layout name and clicking the circular arrow icon that appears to the right.


I think typically most people use a single flow per song (hymn/piece/movement) rather than separate flows for Chorus, Verse etc.


Another problem. How can I get the dropdown menu’s instrument name at the upper-left to say “VN1” instead of “Violin I”?

I changed the name in Full name, Short name, and Layout name. Yet sometimes it works (like in “VN2” at the upper-left) and sometimes it doesn’t.

That’s the player name. Again, you can double-click it and click the circular arrow thing to get it to follow the instrument name. And just like with layout names, it’s possible to break that link by overwriting it manually, e.g. if you have a player that holds Flute, Clarinet and Alto Sax and you want them to be known as “Reeds 1”.

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Ahh got it. The dropdown menu’s name on the left side can be double-clicked and edited. That wasn’t immediately obvious from the UI in this attached picture:

I know that the “VC” element is a cleaner minimalist look, but the “VA” element is (in my opinion) probably how they should all look by default. Either way, thanks so much.