Instruments not loading

Hi there. I am new to Cubase and have the Artist version. I use a midi keyboard and don’t have any other input. I user ASIO. I just want to use the default instruments, I don’t want to pay for plugins. For some reason, not all my instruments work in that they register the midi keyboard being hit, but there is no input or output vertical bars. About half of them work and they show the input and output, also I am able to record instrument track using those. I’ve also notice that for those that work, it takes like a second or two for it to load and the computer is waiting, whereas those that don’t work won’t process anything or make me wait at all. None of the drums work. This is really frustrating. Can anyone help me out? TIA

it would help to name a specific instrument and we can try to fault find…I’m thinking perhaps it’s the sample based instruments not working because they can’t find the sample sets but hard to say without even knowing which instruments you’re talking about.

Better still would be a screencap of the loaded instrument.

Hi… None of the drum sets that come with Cubase work. I will try to find screencap shortly. Thanks.

Hi. Here are the attachments. The britdrum one doesn’t work. With all the drums I only get the midi bar in the lower right corner showing the green up and down movements, and not the input and output bars beside the midi bar. The crystals one works and I got all three bars and was able to record and play back.

Unfortunately I don’t have Brit-Drums on my system to check…must be new in 9.5 or I got rid of loopmash content or something.

If you open the actual instrument editor (keyboard icon) for loopmash can you see any waveforms in there?